History of INM


The office of Notary Public was formally established in Maine in 1821.

The Informed Notaries of Maine, formed in 1993, in response to the growing need for informed and educated notaries.

Today, there are approximately 25,000 – 30,000 notaries in the state.

INM’s mission is to facilitate the education of all these notaries.

History of The Informed Notaries of Maine Organization

The Informed Notaries of Maine (INM) was founded in April of 1993. There was a growing need in the state for informed and educated notaries public. In conjunction with the Secretary of State’s office, a letter of interest was sent to a random group of commissioned notaries seeking a level of interest in the formation of such an organization.

Richard Billings worked with a small group of notaries who volunteered to organize such a group and initial meetings were held, bylaws and a mission statement were created and officers were named. Geraldine Mountain, one of the five members at that first meeting, chose the name of the Organization. She thought since the mission was to educate, the group should call themselves the “Informed Notaries” and that has been the name ever since.

There were five founding members who signed the original articles of incorporation. They were: Lester Carrow, Fred Robinson, Geraldine Mountain, Gary Smith, and Richard Billings. Lester Carrow was elected as the first President, Fred Robinson as the Vice President and Gary Smith as the Treasurer. Geraldine Mountain was the first paying member and has the designation of being member #1. Richard Billings was hired as the first Executive Director. All members who joined the organization during that first year were considered charter members. (To maintain charter membership status, the charter members must continue to maintain [in good standing] their INM Membership, each year).

As noted above, INM is a non-political and non-sectarian corporation that was formed as a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code whose sole purpose is to serve to promote the status of Notaries Public.

Over the past 25 years, we have had many board members and executive officers. Each year we elect the new officers of the board. The directors control and direct all affairs of the organization, including the power and authority to exercise all acts and provisions of the INM bylaws and to any regulations made by the directors. The Executive Committee, streamline governable information and procedures, but still require direction from the full Board. As specified in our INM bylaws, the Executive Committee facilitates decision making between board meetings or in crisis circumstances. The committee complements and improve the Board’s effectiveness and it does not compete with it.

Any person holding a current, valid commission to serve as a Notary Public is eligible to apply for membership with INM. Only valid Maine Commissioned Notaries have voting rights within the organization. All members have equal rights to voting, with the exception of honorary members.